Online Gaming Addiction and Safety Settings


Online Gaming Addiction and Safety Settings

Online gaming is one of the most popular past times nowadays. Millions of people around the world are crazy about it and they spend billions of dollars every year just to have fun with it. In fact, playing online games is so much fun that people from all walks of life are engaging in this activity. From students to professionals, almost everyone can get into online gaming. This is why online gaming is now considered as one of the greatest leisure activities today.

Nowadays, many people are participating in online gaming for many reasons. Many gamers are doing it to relax, relieve stress, have fun and overcome challenges. But due to several issues such as online harassment, inappropriate gaming content and cheating, many gamers are being affected emotionally by it.

Gaming has also become a preferred leisure activity for many people. It has given them the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world while at the same time escape into a fantasy world where they are the center of the world. Many video games offer various levels of complexity to its players. It can either make the player depressed or happy depending on how he or she interacts with the game’s characters and storyline. Many gamers are under the misconception that using parental controls and time limits can help them to prevent themselves from being abused by other players.

However, despite the fact that gaming involves many benefits, it also has a dark side that most people are not aware of. It can actually destroy one’s social skills and self-esteem if they are not careful. There have been many studies regarding this matter. In fact, a survey conducted by psychologists revealed that most adults experience the danger of losing their sense of reality when they are immersed in virtual worlds. This basically happens because they are too engrossed in their own virtual worlds that they fail to realize that what they are doing is actually not real and what they are experiencing is actually only a fabrication of their mind.

One of the most common consequences of this is that gaming addiction is also a type of addiction. Gamers who become addicted to MMORPGs will often engage in addictive behavior patterns. They will usually use their time playing these games to spend hours in online chat rooms or playing against other players. In addition, they will try to seek new players to join their “friends list” so that they can continue to have fun online. While some players will only be able to remain in these games for a short period of time before becoming bored, others spend months and years in MMORPGs.

The bad thing about MMORPGs is that a person’s real world perception may be so much different from the game’s reality. This is especially true when a player is not used to interacting with other people. When they are suddenly introduced to another person who is also engaged in the same activity, they are likely to feel intimidated and lose their ability to think logically about what their actions mean. This can lead to serious psychological problems that can include depression, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts.